Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend Wordle.

In  this challenge I'm going to give you a word out of the Dictionary or Thesaurus and you have to write a short story or poetry about 300 words more or less(which by definition you can do less than 300 words if you want to), surrounding the word.
This covers yesterdays defect posting and on to Sunday evening.

This will be a regular feature every weekend.

This weeks Weekend Wordle Word is..........Jackpot

And once you have written it out post it in the comments section. The only rules are you must have fun writing. You must have fun writing. And it can be short story or poem.

O and you have until Sunday Night at midnight. to complete the task. mauhahhahha
Actually since yesterday was a dud and today I was late I will give you until Midnight Monday.
Then resume the regular schedule of Sunday during the next round.

Ready Set Go!


  1. What a great idea.

    I wish I would win the jackpot. There are so many things I could do with the winnings. So many friends and family I could help. I have even created a spreadsheet for winning the lottery. It has 30% of the winnings going to tax deductible charities. Another 15% of the winnings go to immediate and extended family. And then I give about 30% away to various friends and into trusts for their kid’s educations. People laugh at me for having a spreadsheet and for planning on giving away 75% of my lottery winnings but buy a few lottery tickets a year is cheaper than going to the movies a few times a year. I get to dream about how I would make the world a better place.
    Of course I would also buy a new house and a new car. But mostly I want to help others.

    When I had to quit working due to health problems what I missed most was that I cannot help family/friends in need as much as I used to. Now that I am running my own business I look forward to when I bring in enough money that I can start doing more of that again. So that is what the word jackpot brings up for me.

  2. Nice work Tasha. Thanks for playing.

  3. She stood looking around at the large room with all the multi colored lights, the large machines all standing in rows. Bells and whistles sounded from every corner of the room. People were pushing buttons and pulling levers, saying to themselves, "Come on jackpot!" People would sit there for hours and hours hoping to win it big. Finally she saw him striding through the crowd towards her with a smile upon his face. "Are you ready to go?" he asked her as he took her hand. "Yes, definately!" She said smiling up at him. A thought ran through her mind as they walked out into the sunshine, "Jackpot!"

  4. WOW!! That was nice. Thanks for participating. nice work.

  5. Just when you think everything is fine
    You see the walls crumble before you
    With no word for it, no warning sign
    Surly it's enough to make you feel blue

    To feel down and despondent
    With a yearning for the ground to open
    To take you away in that moment
    To swallow you whole and never re-open.

    Just when you feel you've lost it all
    The phone could ring and change everything
    To give reason to have a joyous ball
    Where glasses cling, and bells ring

    Where from the top of your lungs you scream out
    Where a beaming replaces the forlorn pot
    As the worries of the past are now forgot

  6. Tut - where a beaming smile replaces the forlorn pout*

  7. Cute very cute! Nice work Scriptor. :) Love it. Love them all guys. keep 'em coming.


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