Friday, May 25, 2012

Small update

First off I'll be back to somewhat blogging on June 1st as the owner of the site will be able to come back in temporary mode until after update appointment.  Around the  16th  I should be back in full.  

At which time I should also have hopefully my newest story redone. 

Here is what I'll do I will still make copies for everyone's ereaders that includes Iphone and
ipads.  But, before you download them you will be able to read through and decide if you want to download them or not.  Especially if you do not like the story or think I've done another bad job on editing etc. They will be linked from my website on to my blogs both here and blogger. Which this makes  more sense to me to do this instead of keeping up with smash-words. 

Also of right now, I have made a decision of not thinking of myself as a author or writer. I'm hobbiest only since I'm not making any money off the books.
Why not just let it be a hobby.  Everyone will still be able to read my work and watch me improve or de-improve LOL it'll depend on which way this thing goes from here on

I will keep my Facebook page for everyone to still like if they wanna plus you'll have another place to talk to me.. 

On my website I'm going to attempt to have a forum. We will see how that

(I also want to clear up something here.  Smash-words is  a good site even with it’s glitches.  I was just in a heat of frustration at that moment with everything and everyone.   There are just  times when you need to step back   and  just do stuff on your own.  So  I really don’t have anything against the site at all.  )

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