Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Callow Rose Manor Part 3

Once again brushing it off she went toward the kitch to start her lasgna. Claire got up casually tagging along behind her. As Natalia did her thing, Claire started a salad and began to set the table. At first they were both quiet as they made dinner. Until, Natatlia said or rather asked something that Claire hadn’t expected. “Why were those papers strung across the living room floor? Now don’t act like I didn’t notice as you rushed me past there at warp speed. I know you’re hiding something. It’s okay to talk about it if you need to. I won’t tell anyone.

As Claire continued to chop carrots she waited thinking a moment before answering Natalia’s question hopeful to maybe buy her time to a point where she would maybe decide she had went to fare asking such a question. But to her surprise that wouldn’t happen as she kept persistence in asking Claire what was in those letters. Before Claire could finally answer her there was a knock on the front door. Which turned out to be Deacon of all the people to show up at dinnertime. It seems that he had a sixth when it came to food and almost nightly would show up at dinnertime. This would annoy Claire every time and tonight was no exception to that rule.

There was an odd feeling as Deacon let him self in past her and headed toward the dinningroom. She wasn’t sure what it was, but she knew something fishy was up with him. She went back into the kitchen leaving him alone in the dinningroom until he waltzed in right behind her. To Claire’s surprise both Deacon and Natalia seemed to act as thought they knew each other. And when she confronted them about it. Deacon quickly stated, ” Relax Claire, sheesh. Why do you think I know this chick. I’ve never seen or met her until tonight. You seriously need a vaction or meds, something. Cus, you’ve lost it.”

Claire couldn’t put her finger on it but she was now sure that her old friends knew each other. But how could she prove that and if they were up to something.

Deciding to let him stay and not say another word Claire kept thinking as she finished making the salad of how she could get either one of them to trip up. She knew it would be tricky so she had to be careful of what she said and how she said it. So they wouldn’t grow suspicious of her questions.

She looked up from chopping the rest of the carrots looking at Deacon.

” You know while you’re here you can help make dinner. I hear from the grapvine you make a mean homemade peach cobler.” Suddenly the oven clock beeped.”Oh your lasagna is already done Natalia?
Anyways there’s a basket full of ripe peaches and I got canned ones too. So you can pick either one you want to use Deacon.”

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