Thursday, October 27, 2011

National Writing Marathon Month

It's that time again almost, Where we bunker down in front of our computers, laptops, papers and ink. For an entire month with a bag of chocolate, and a large pot of coffee writing like wild fiend. The goal 60,000 words in thirty days the prize pride, a free print of your book, and a certificate with your name, name of the book and when you did it.. plus a program. But, I'm happy with the Man last year was wild it was my first year and I admit I was nervous about it. Could I actually pull off 60 thousand words in thirty days. Or would I be hanging my head in utter shame. Well not only did I make it I made over what I was supposed to. 90 thousand words. Was it a fluke Yes I actually I had actually made it only to 70 thousand words. But heck if I didn't make it at all. I believe it was either about 4:30 or 5 pm or maybe it was 6 I dunno but It was the final day, The Final Day of the competition. and I managed to get in with in a few hours. When it came up those numbers I could not believe it,. I about fell over in shock turned around and mom knew something. I tell you she was quiet happy that I had managed to do it. I can tell you that there is no better feeling than winning Nano. Even if you type If you can make it to the end of it with 70 to 90 thousand words you've done pretty dang good. This year I'm going to use Autumn house to help me on Nano. And I'm doing the Donate thing first time ever. I hope I can make it to my goal of 50 bucks. If you love to write and wanna know more about the site check it out at Feel free to add me as a Buddie there. I go by Writer tulip


  1. I am checking it out asap; that sounds like a marathon - how many pages is 60thousand words? Hold off on the chocolate goodies - or at least try. =)

  2. I don't have no stinking chocolate. Lmao I wish though.

    Day three o boy.


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