Friday, June 15, 2012

Callow Rose Blog Novel part 10

When Emma tried to approach Natalia, she was a bit resistant still but soon gave in sitting down beside on the grass under the tree. "Natalia what's the matter?" Emma asked point blank.
At first she stayed quiet then finally spoke in a whisper " Can you keep a secret?" She asked.

Before Emma could even think to agreeing to her request there was a loud thunder clap above them with a vivid lightening flash. Then they both heard what sounded like a cracking sound. Without warning the big oak tree that they were sitting under began to lean backwards. Emma grabbed Natalia's arm throwing her past her as she bolted out of the way of the tree's fall. Which landed just 3 yards short of Claire’s back door.

By which time, everyone from inside came rushing out of the front door and around the house to see what had happened. As they got to them it started to pour Claire quickly scooped up Natalia without a thought and no resistance. The three of them ran into the back door and up the stairs as others got a hot meal started with hot drinks. As Claire came out of her bedroom she could hear muffled crying. She approached the bathroom door opening it carefully and quietly to find Natalia in tears. Opening it further she went up to her putting her arms around Natalia.

She couldn't talk at first through all her sobbing. But managed to regain her composure after ten minutes. " I'm sorry about my behavior Claire. You're not to blame for this at all, I just don't know what came over me as I read the letter. When did you find this?"

Claire took a gulp and a deep breath before answering her not even able to look at her at first.

"This was slipped into the front doors mail slot a few days ago. Along with something else, an address to Virginia. I'm still not sure what to make of all this, or even why me and why now. I do know it has to do with my Grandfather and his business. Natalia, why did you get so upset with my about these letters?"

Clearing her throat then answered.

" To tell you the truth, I received the same strange letter a few days ago. It was unmarked and had a address just like yours did to the same place. I found it ironic that I ran into about the same time. I did delibrately ignore you the first time I ran into you. I was just scared, we hadn't seen each other in years and I thought if I flat out told you about this, well you know. You'd think I'd lost it. So I decided until I worked up the courage to talk to you that I would just act dumb. As if I hadn't seen you. Claire I am so sorry. "

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