Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Callow Rose Blog Novel Part 9

Since she'd looked around the room before, she'd scrambled into the other parts of the house. Instead of kicking everyone out this time. She went to the desk and under taking the zipp locked bag she had filled with the letter but she held "back on showing the address. They all sat back down on the couch as Claire took out the letter. "The other day I recieved a rather disturbing stack of letter."

As she handed them to Deacon first. " No postal mark in the envelope nothing. Deacon this is why I was so upset the other day and why the living room was a mess with these. I don't know why or who sen this to me." He scanned through it not really looking then gave them to Natalia who was sitting next to him. She hesitatingly began to read them as she looked up at Claire as though she needed more approval. But then resumed reading it in silence mumbling the words to herself. There was complete quiet around the room as Natalia read through the contents of the letters. Then she decided to read it aloud all of a sudden. It seemed that something caught her eye as she read to herself.

"I don't know what my family will do now without me. I have done a terrible deed and betrayal not only to them but to the people whom entrusted me with their lives. Everything is now gone because of my misdeed and I can never forgive myself for what I have done. And I now must go away paying a price for this. I hope my family will survive through this and make a better life now that I will be gone. "

She resumed her silent reading after finishing reading the paragraph aloud. Until, Natalia got to the third page. When her eyes suddenly widened as if she were being frightened to death. She dropped the letters and ran out of the room into the kitchen. By which time everyone followed behind her seeing why she was upset and what it was that had. Cornering her near the sink Claire tried to put an arm around her to comfort her. Natalia lashed out at her as if she were some wild animal trying to attack her. And went around the counter trying to get away running into the dinning room as Emma calmly said. " Let me try! What ever is in this letter she's upset with you Claire. I'll see if I can't get her to talk to me about it. Stay here everyone!"

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