Sunday, June 10, 2012

Callow Rose Blog novel Part 8

Suddenly their was a loud bang coming from near the kitchen. Which scared and made them both jump in fright. They slowly turned their heads toward each other, then turned running out the front door as if something kicked them. Not even thinking about it dashed into his car hiding in the back seat in fear of what ever it was in the manor. While he headed for the drivers seat quickly flooring the gas and pealed out of the driveway.

Once they began reaching the town square Deacon slowed down on the gas so they wouldn't have a wreck into the towns statue. By then Claire had managed through Deacon's dare devil driving to get into the front seat and get past her fright. Claire as he pulled into the driveway of her place asked if he wanted to come in. Since she felt too scared to be alone. He obliged and as they walked inside she offered a drink. As she did Claire kept wondering what or who was trying to scare her with the letters, the house, the what she thought was odd behavior by her friends Natalia and Deacon as well as the uninvited, unexpected guest of Natalia's.

Even though she still didn't have the proof she needed only the strange feeling she keeps getting. A knock on the door snapped her out of her daze of thought. She was suprised when she opened the door finding to her suprise an old high school friend one of whom she hadn't seen in over twenty years. An elegantly lanky woman of her mid to late thirties with eyes that looked like the color of saphires. Deacon came up to Claire by then, Claire introduced her. "Deacon this is an old highschool friend. Emma Robles, this is an old friend from a coffee shop addiction, Deacon Stiles.

Emma just laughed as did Deacon who doesn't usually laugh at her sarcasm considering he's never thought that her sarcastic side was very good. Claire excused herself before she totally entered the living-room and headed into the kitchen. As she stood there in the middle of the room she thought to herself,"Why are all these old friends suddenly popping up out of the blue?" She then wondered who would be the next person to suddenly pop up like old times. She decided to brush off the feeling for now as she made hot pot of coffee and placed some cookies and doughnuts on a platter. Putting on a smile as she carried a tray full Claire walked back into the living room to find neither one of them was there. She quickly put the tray on the coffee table and went to the door, the door was still locked.

So she went to the dinning room. No one was there either. Now feeling panicked she upstairs searching her bedroom first. No one was there, then the bathroom same as before and then the guest room. And to her dismay no one in there either. Claire wandered back down the stairs wondering if she had lost it. Did Claire's friends actually show up or was she hallucinating. When she walked back into the living room to retrive the tray she found them sitting there on the couch talking to her suprise. Claire then began to yell at them both as she slammed the tray back on the table.

"Claire take it easy we were here the whole time." Deacon insisted.

Claire however didn't believe him since she looked around the room before she scrambled into the other parts of the house.

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