Saturday, June 9, 2012

Callow Rose Blog Novel Part 7

He didn’t say another word only turned around and slammed out of her house as she held her breath for a moment. Not sure of what he was going to do next. Making sure Deacon wasn’t nearby and spying on her Claire waited fifteen minutes, before going out. Claire decided that she needed to prove to Deacon wrong that she wasn’t a wuss as he put it. She packed a bag filled with cloths and some snacks . So as soon as she knew the coast was clear and it was dark she headed out. In the hopes that she could once and for all prove herself. Plus if he found out she was going into the old manor it would only make it harder on her.

Soon as she arrived she looked for the old key to open the front door. But, to her astonishment she found that the door was ajar. Could be that she had left it this way the last time she was in there. Brushing off the scared feelings she headed in side with flashlight in tow. All of a sudden there was a strange wailing sound that scared and stopped Claire in her tracks at the bottom of the stairs. She almost turned to go. But quickly managed to pull herself together, she did not want to prove herself to be a coward nor prove to him he was right. She turned back toward the stairs and headed up to one of the bedrooms.

She stubbed her toe on the bed post as she fumbled around in the darkness searching around the room. As she went toward the closet door an odd scent came rushing in at her. Engulfing Claire in the sickenly thick scent of perfume. Gasping for air she scrambled to the nearby window but was unable to open it. So she then shot out of the room and down the stairs. As she reached the last step Claire collapsed from not being able to breath from the heavy sent.

Several hours past as she finally regained conciousness where she found Deacon sitting beside her looking down worried.

“Are you okay Claire? What happened? Easy, easy don’t get up to quickly.”

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