Thursday, June 7, 2012

Callow Rose Blog Novel Part 6

She walked around the town square for several hours even in the pouring rain trying to figure out things. Claire returned home four hours later, soaken wet from the rain. As she approached her porch she noticed someone sitting there on the steps. It turned out to be none other than Harry Ullrich, the friend who was the partier and a friend of Natalia's. She wondered what Harry could want since she didn't know him at all.

"Hello, Mr Ullrich, What can I do for you?"

And this turned out to be a loaded question after she said it. As she would recieve an unexpect answer. With a clue to why those letters had been sent to her.

He took a moment as if to catch his breath then said in a rather weary voice. " I know how sent those letters to you. And your not gonna like it, I was forced to shut up about it. And when we met I realized you were the one they were wanting to mess with. "

" Mess with? Who wants to mess with me Mr. Ullrich?"

Before he could answer her question Deacon came strolling up the sidewalk. Ullrich then proceed to leave rather quickly as if he wished to avoid him for some reason.

As he did She decided she didn't want to talk to Deacon after their last confrontation. So she headed in closing the door before he could block it. However, this didn't stop him as he just waltzed right in and blankly asked.
"Hey do you want to go to movie tonight? My treat, especially after the awful way I treated you earlier. I'm sorry Claire. "

Claire didn't hesitate in stating no to him. " No, not tonight I have something I have to do. Besides I'm still mad at you for doing that. What got into you? I know I was acting a bit strangly earlier but, what you did was no excuse. Now if you'll leave I'll be getting ready to go out. I will not leave you in my house alone."

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