Thursday, June 7, 2012

Callow Rose Blog Novel Part 5

As soon as they all left Claire went to the drawer that she placed the letters in only to find to her disbelief they were not where she placed them. She started tearing through everything trying to find them even going back into the dining room to make sure she hadn’t gone nuts putting them back into the China cabinet drawer.
After two hours of tearing the entire downstairs apart Claire was disappointed and worried that she couldn’t find them. So out of frustration and sheer panic she called Deacon hopeful that maybe he had taken them.

“Deacon did you take off with those letters?”

“What letters? What on earth are you babbling about now?”

“You know ever well what letters! Don’t you remember when they were strung all over the floor the day before yesterday and how you just wouldn’t leave it be.”

“O those, I had actually forgotten about that. Nope I hadn’t seen them or took them. They gotta be around the house. You probably just misplaced them.”

Becoming more annoyed by the second Claire slammed the phone down on Deacon to his suprise. She then went back through the house one more time and this time she decided to start up stairs. Claire was not going to leave any stone unturned as she frantically searched for the letters. That is after she called Natalia as she was at her place last night as well.
“Natalia, This is Claire I don’t suppose that you have ran onto some letters last night while helping with dinner and such last night?”

“No, I’m afraid not. Why?”

“No bother, sorry about about that, I must have just misplaced them.”

“I hope you are able to find them. By the way, Hows——–”

Before Natalia could ask about Claire’s head. She had once again hung up abruptly without even saying good bye. Starting up stairs she torn apart each room frantically searching each nook and cranny of every room. After almost two hours, nothing turned up. As she headed back down stairs about mid way she noticed something laying on the living room table. To her astonishment it just happened to be the letters she had been trying to locate.
Standing there a minute, Claire felt as though she was losing it now. But finally thought they had been there the whole time and she had just missed it. However, there was a clue there that she hadn’t lost her mind. A candy wrapper laid right beside the letters and this brand wasn’t one she’d eat either. It was a snickers bar. Claire wasn’t able to eat anything with nuts considering a very bad allergy to nuts. She avoided anything that contained nuts. Chocolate bars included.
She wasn’t positive who yet but Claire suspected it was Natalia who placed the letters in her house while she was upstairs. Though Claire knew she’d need more than a candy wrapper as proof of this. Thing was how would she get this proof let alone get Natalia to slip up.
Claire this time placed the letter and even the candy bar wrapper in a zip lock bag then tapped it on the inside of top of her middle desk drawer. She figured if it went missing again. She’ll be able to get finger prints for sure. By the time late afternoon came Claire had decided to pay the coffee house a visit. Soon as she walked into the coffee houses door Deacon was already heading in her direction. But his demenor wasn’t what she was expecting. It may have been because of the way she treated him over the phone earlier that afternoon.

“Claire what are you doing here?” as he grabbed her by her arm looking back at his customers then dragging her back outside. Claire stared a moment stunned by how he’d just treated her.
“Deacon why are you acting like this?” He didn’t respond to her only turned around and walked back into the coffeehouse leaving her standing there wondering what had just happened.  

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