Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Callow Rose Manor Novel Part 4

Soon as everything had finished cooking and they sat down in the dinngroom and Claire managed to work out in her mind how she'd get them to slip up and findout what they were up to. Natalia's cellphone began to ring before she could say. Which made both Deacon and Claire break out into laughter since the ring tone was of La Cucaracha. Which seemed to be a ring signal of one of her more partying type friends. Now embarrased Natalia quickly excused herself from the table to answer the call in the kitchen. As they continued to giggle over the ringtone.
After five minutes, she came back into the room and they had finally stopped laughing. " My friend is close by and I said she could join us for dinner. I hope this is okay with you?"
Claire on the inside was less than amused at this but visably didn't show this as she agreed to allow the friend to come and stay for dinner. Another 4 and half minutes later Natalia's friend arrived. And she excused herself to go and let him in. He a rather tall gentleman with hazel eyes and reddish hair.
As he walked into the dinningroom Natalia introduced him as Harry Ullrich. She asked him what he did for living as he sat down at the table.
He didn't answer her but he did start conversastion with Natalia. " Hey are you coming to tiki night at the bar?"
It all went into a blur at that moment with Claire she just sat there the entire dinner zoned out eating as they laughed and carried on talking. Until, she finally had it when dessert was about to be served. Instead of heading toward the kitchen to get the dessert she turned around and said. "I'm sorry, but I think you all should go I'm not feeling well suddenly." She then strolled out of the room into the living room putting her hands on her face as she sat down in the nearest chair.
The three of them just sat there a moment in silence stunned by what had just happened. Deacon tried going into the livingroom to talk to Claire but she made it clear she didn't want to and demanded now that everyone leave. They all wondered at that point as they walked out the door, what they could have done to upset Claire so much to be asked to leave.

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