Friday, June 1, 2012

Haunting of Callow Rose Manor

Claire regretted saying yes and knew it wouldn't be polite to back out of it now. Even though, she agreed to stay in the creepy old manor it still made her nervous. Deacon Stiles a self-employed coffee shop owner and proprietor. Late Friday evening, Deacon pulled up into the driveway to pick up Claire Chevalier, she was a dashing tall woman in her mid-thirties with long Burnett hair and brown eyes. As he got out and came around to the passenger side to open the car door he looked at her with a coy mischievous look, right then and there she knew he was up to something. After a half an hour drive they had pulled up to the old Callow Rose Manor, a little quaint turn of the century manor with a vast rose and vegetable garden in the backyard that's fit for a king or queen. Claire peered out the window in surprised and dismay. It had been sixteen years she thought to herself since she'd been at that fateful day at the manor, the incident that made her leave for what she thought would be forever. "Should I tell him, or should I bite my tongue and just leave it?" Claire decided to leave it...for now. 

She hoped that he would never learn of the secret. As they went inside she hesitated while approaching the door. He looked at her, "What's the matter? It's just an old house."She could only take a big gulp then started toward the door again. Carefully pushing it seeing if it was locked when suddenly he pushed past her grabbing the door knob from her opening it as he said, "You're a big fat chicken Claire Chevalier! There is nothing that will get you behind that door. I'm not going to let anything happen to you, come on!"She stood there in the foyer in disbelief not only of what Deacon had said but the fact that he brought her to this particular mansion. Turning to go toward the kitchen she heard a scream coming from one of the upstairs bedrooms.  

Claire yelled for Deacon as she quickly ran up the steps practically skipping every other step. And unlike before her adrenaline was rushing over her washing away her previous fears. Making her forget about her secret. Deacon shot up the stairs after Claire, standing at the top step he listened for her or the screams. He could hear nothing as carefully he approached the first bedroom door to his left. Putting his ear to the door listening for any signs of life on the other side of it. Then after several seconds, he went on to the next bedroom doing the same thing, there after the same to the next rooms. It suddenly happened again, this time it sounded as though it was coming from above him. At first he couldn't see of any way to get up there until he spotted from a hall closet a pull down stairway up to the attic. Deacon carefully started up the stairs as he peered around him as though could feel something watching.  

Once he reached the top step, he looked around the darkness trying to find a light switch before he entered the attic. Nothing could be seen as an obvious light source. Slowly rising from the last step trying not to knock himself over as he searched the dark room. Finally managing to find the light switch on the other side of the junk filled room he turned on the light and was surprised by what he was seeing. An old projector, old table that looked like a giant scrabble table and some old costumes. He wondered who would need all that as well as what they were doing with it exactly. Hearing something muffled behind him, Deacon turned toward it. Looking at what appeared to be a large old chest. The strange noises seemed to be coming from it. Cautiously, approaching it he leaned over to unlock the lock and when he did so Claire bolted out of it knocking him to the ground as she ran behind him.  
Then suddenly realized she had inadvertently knocked him over when she bolted out. Guilt-fully she assisted him to his feet as she apologized profusely for what happened. He just looked at her smiling as he grunted from the pain in his side. "You have a very hard feet and knees woman! I think you hit me in the side as you popped out of there." As Deacon groaned in agony she kissed him on the cheek as she helped him into a nearby seat, and checks to see if anything was bruised, then decided they should head back downstairs.  

As they headed back down the stairs a peculiar and scary sound abruptly stopped them in their tracks, mid flight of stairs making them both shudder. Claire said " Okay that's it I have had enough for the night. We are leaving!" as she drug him down the stairs quickly as he moaned in agony and pain. Deacon then laughed a little as they hit the bottom step " O Come on you chicken can't take a little spook. It's probably just the wind or something."

Claire just glanced at him a moment the let go of him making him hop around a moment to regain his balance as she said "Okay Deacon you can stay here all-all night! I'm getting the heck out of here." She had just made it to the end of the driveway. When Claire heard Deacon's car peal out heading right toward her yelling. "Hey now come on Claire it's too dark to hitch-hike, let me take you home."They said nothing for the rest of the drive or when they arrived at her place. She got out without a word and headed inside leaving him stumped by her reaction.  

Next morning, as she went to the coffee house for her usual caffeine fix, Claire said nothing about what had happened the day before, nor did Deacon. The only words that were spoken was just a simple hello as he handed her the coffee. After she left the coffee house Claire had not even gotten around the block when she almost ran physically into Natalia Baylor, an old friend from college who she hadn't seen since.  
Strangely to her surprise Natalia said nothing to her as she jumped back to avoid a collision, and walked right passed her as if she hadn't even seen her, even after she had yelled her name to grab her attention. Left her wondering what had just happened. As she continued on toward home she contemplated the incident from the night before, as well as her sudden run in with Natalia. She began to wonder at that moment, was it just an odd coincidence or was it something else. Soon as she got in the doorway Claire noticed an envelope at her feet. Thinking that the mailman had thrown it into the doorway mail slot, she proceeded to open it unaware of what she was about to read. The letter appeared to be old browned and a bit tattered around the edges.  

Also in it, what appeared to be a piece of another note with an address on it. 4740 E. Hayfield St. Milton Virginia. Claire was quite puzzled by this note as well as the letter, not to mention everything else that just happened finding it coincidental all this happening at the very same time. Though feeling unsure of whether everything was connected this concerned her greatly. After she paused for a moment to think then resumed reading, as she flung the envelope with the torn note inside on the coffee table and sat down continuing to read. Claire couldn't believe as she continued to read when she suddenly tossed the letters across the room in disgust. Thinking it couldn't be, as she dropped to the floor remaining there almost the entire night; when Claire finally shook the eerie feelings after reading the letter an hour before dawn, managing to rest a little.  

As Claire reached the hallway to the kitchen there was a knock on the door. Deacon had decided to pay her a visit after the spooky evening the day before. As he went into the living room Deacon noticed the papers strung all over the floor. He began to lean over and pick one of the pieces of paper up when Claire quickly snatched it from his hand. And in a scolding tone, " It is none of your business!" Surprised by her reaction he just mumbled," FINE! What-ever Claire." Sitting down in the chair next to the fire place and the next ten minutes, filled with an uncomfortable silence. Until Claire offered, "Would you like some breakfast? Or a cup of coffee? Since you are already here. I was about to make my breakfast when you knocked."  

He smiled and nodded agreeably as he followed her into the kitchen where he helped with making breakfast. Soon as they sat down to eat. Deacon began once again with " Why did you get so mad when I picked up that piece of paper? Speaking of which why were they all strung out all over the floor for?" She didn't say anything for a few minutes acting as though Claire didn't even hear his questions. Just then, suddenly rose up from her seat and went back into the living room. when she returned she had the letters with her. Claire tossed them on the table in between them and said go ahead read it! Then went back to eating in silence angered by his snooping. 

Deacon hesitated at first glancing over at Claire. She glared at him with anger in her eyes," GO AHEAD! Read it! Maybe you can figure out that mess!"  

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