Saturday, June 2, 2012

Callow Rose Manor part two

Deacon just sat a moment stunned by her reaction. " I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry, I won't read it." He then resumed eating quietly trying to avoid another conflict with her. Claire remained silent the entire breakfast with her arms crossed each other, looking angrier than before they sat down. After Deacon finished he took his plate into the kitchen and then left with out saying a word to Claire. This only angered her more for what seemed like no reason.
And on this windy,but pretty, morning she didn't bother with going to the coffee shop for her ritualed cup of coffee. No, Instead she decided to go for a walk around the town's square for awhile, window shopping without actually buying anything. Hopeful that she could avoid another tense episode like this mornings.
By noon time she was begining turn back to head home when she ran into once again her old college friend Natalia but this time was different. She stopped to chat a while even offering to take her to lunch to catch up on old times. Which Claire graciously accepted though felt uneasy since their last encounter.
After walking toward the old square again they found an old bistro and sat at one of the outside tables. Claire and Natalia talked for hours even after their lunch was finished and Claire even invited her to dinner at her home taking Natalia with her as she headed back.
As Claire unlocked the door and opened it. Natalia went immediatly looked around scoping the place as if she was an appraiser. As she went toward the dinningroom Claire cut her off aiming her in the direction of the kitchen hopeful that she wouldn't see the letters that were still on the dinningroom table.

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