Sunday, June 3, 2012

Haunting of Callow Rose Part 3 1/2

As soon as Natalia went to the kitchen, Claire rapidly dashed into the dinning room to hide the letters in the nearest drawer. Then casually strolled in to find Natalia had made herself at home rummaging through all the cupboards and fridge for ingredients to make lasagna.
“It looks like I’ll need to go to the market to get the things to make her lasagna. Do you need anything else while I’m there?”
Claire only gestured no to answer her. Just stood there as though she either had to pee or run around like a child zooming down the stairs on Christmas morning. (Which coincedently was her favorite holiday. )
Natalia just ignored her odd behavior heading out the door. Giving Claire time to quickly shoot out of the kitchen into the dinning-room to retrieve and find somewhere else safe to put the letters until she could figure it all out.
An hour or so later, Natalia returned with an arm load of groceries walking into the house she found Claire just sitting there on the couch like nothing weird happend before she’d went to the market.

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