Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mystery At The Autumn House Inn Chapter 3

Midday the next day-after lunchtime, Jacob offered to take his friends out to the orchard. Everyone obliged the invite to the idea except for Rebecca instead offered to stay behind volunteering to Jacob's surprise to do the lunchtime dishes. “Well how can I say no to the offer? It's settled lets go guys before the redhead here changes her mind.” He said with sarcasm.
She took the dishes to the kitchen propping them up on the edge of the counter as she began to fill the sink with water and soap. As soon as they left out the back door, she quickly scurried around emptying the sink of water laying the dishes in the sink. Rebecca began rifling through the drawers in search of a weapon could have been used to murder Martha.
Not able to find anything in the kitchen, she started searching the rest of the downstairs. A half an hour later when that turned up nothing she decided to go upstairs. Checking out all the bedrooms soon arrived in Jacobs’s room, looking through his old chest, under the bed, in his closet, and the last place she actually did not expect to find anything.
His chest of drawers, she opened the top drawer and started to search it. She came upon something, a 45. Caliber handgun, which may be the same gun.
She stood there in disbelief by what was in the drawer, when she suddenly heard voices. It seems they had already returned from the orchard much sooner than expected. Quickly putting everything back into place, she ran downstairs fast as she as possible, grabbing Nicolette's car keys flying out the door before anyone saw her. Spending the next few hours, trying to think up an alibi of why she left in such a hurry without actually doing the dishes, hoping that no one will notice that she had been snooping around in thing.
Running to the local bookstore to buy books of various genres most of which was not in her genre. She then ran over to the shop, asking for a couple of bags to make it appear as though she had been out shopping. To her dismay, she really did have to shop, when the shopkeeper insisted, Rebecca would have to buy at least ten-dollar worth of items if he were to give her the bags free.
She scurried around buying some scented little candles, a few trinkets, and bathing lotion. Quickly, she divided the books along with everything else shoving into both bags, putting them into the backseat before pulling out.
Upon heading, back to the inn, she wondered what was it doing in Jacob's drawer in the first place did him in-fact at the night of Martha’s murder? Could it be a set up by one of the visitors? It did seem strange they had all arrived at the same time. This one haunted her just the same as the night of the murder.
Just as she stepped into the foyer, Nicolette greeted her. “I knew it! I knew the dishwashing thing had to be just a ruse! And as I thought, you as usual found the local stores. Apparently.........not all of them since there are only two bags. Nicolette gleefully stated with a sarcastic smirk.
Rebecca did not say a word as she started to head into the living room. However, as she got closer, noticed they were all back Ryan included sitting in the same seats as the day they met. Rebecca did not say a word as she started to head into the living room. Nevertheless, as she got closer, noticed they were all back Ryan included sitting in the same seats as the day they had met.
Could it be déjà vu, she asked herself quietly? Hastily acknowledging, their presence she shot up the stairs to her room waiting for dinnertime. Tonight's dinner though would be different. Jacob decided rather than cook he would treat them to dinner at a restaurant.

Rebecca decides to excuse herself politely from the invitation. Moreover, pretended she was not feeling well, her friend offered to stay with her. She insisted HOWEVER, that she go in her place and bring her back something from the restaurant. Nicolette reluctantly agreed going up to her room to get ready, with everyone else following behind her.
After everyone had left, she wandered around the inn for the next half an hour. Going upstairs, browsing from room to room and back down doing the same. It became interesting when she reached the basement's bottom step. She heard and could see a silhouette in front of the exit door. She yelled at it. The person turned quickly running out the door before she could even move.
A short time later, as they returned from dinner Jacob noticed the police car that parked outside the inn as he pulled into the driveway.
Nicolette immediately bolted out of the moving car and up to the porch into the inn before Jacob could park, get out and catch up to her. As they went in, they found Rebecca sitting in one of the chairs in the living room rocking back and forth shaking violently. As they were, about to approach her an officer came up to them.
“There was a break in tonight. From what I can tell, nothing taken and the assailant got away on foot. We are keeping an eye out. She could give us a description. He then excused himself for the evening leaving.
After they could calm her down Jacob asked who and what had happened. Rebecca mumbled. She was walking around the inn going from room to room. Looking around, when I got to the basement, to the bottom step, I saw a man rummaging through things.
I tried to get a good look at him, but he took off out of the basement door. Everyone went to bed after managing to calm things down, settling down for the night. However, this time Rebecca bunked in Nicolette's room for the night.

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