Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mystery At The Autumn House Inn Chapter 4

The next-day Nicolette dragged Rebecca to the orchard to look around, hoping she could get her mind off last evening’s events. By the time late afternoon early evening came, they arrived back at the inn finding police officers, cars all over the premises. Immediately dropping the apples, they had picked. They began running fast toward the door. They burst in past one of the officers, where Nicolette found Jacob sitting on the couch with an ice back on the back of his head along with a complete mess all over the inn. Rushing over to sit beside him, asked if he was okay.
Jacob had taken a blow to the old noodle, (as he always put it) being knocked out for two hours only to come to a short time before they returned. Before he could say anything, a detective approached them. Spoke in a gruff voice.
.” Det. Patrick Keenly, and this is Lt. Laurel; Mr. Alexander would you please stand up and turn around placing your hands behind your back. “
At the police station, they waited in a private room for several hours, by the time he allowed to see Jacob both had fallen asleep. The detective poked Rebecca on the shoulder to wake her. To no avail, at first it did not seem to work, thinking a moment, he said this loudly, “50 % Fashion Sale by the Montpelier Shopping Mall, Tonight only.”
This sent his department into hysterical laughter as Rebecca popped up right, alert, and ready to shop until she dropped. Unfortunately, as she popped up Nicolette popped over, falling over into where Rebecca had been sleeping. Dazed, and confused, she stood up said half asleep while rubbing her eyes. “Can we see Jacob now?”
Nodding yes as he extended his arm to guide them. He asked casually (His bad attempt at small talk)” How did you ladies meet Jacob?” never answering his question as they headed toward the door of the interrogation room. “You can ten-minutes, alone with him. Nothing more than that I’m afraid.”
After going in Nicolette paced around the room shaking as Rebecca sat down in front of Jacob while looking at him straight in the eyes. A few moments later, why do the police think you murdered Martha. Rebecca scolded, “Did you really kill her?” Rather than answer the question he sat there stone-faced. Until, Nicolette in a burst of anger starting to, yell as she pounded her fist on the table. When he finally spoke, he started to shake as well from Nicolette’s verbal lashing.
“I didn’t kill her, nor did I know she was dead. He whispered baffled.
Had no idea she was even in the basement. All know someone stole some documents from the office, though not very sure who did it. I do have my suspicions”
As she into the table, she asked. “Jacob, who did go through your files? Rebecca whispered.
He hesitated for a minute as he leaned in toward them and whispered.
I think maybe Ryan, though still not sure, since known for sure I have nothing he would need to steal.

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