Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chapters Chapteres everywhere.

Working hard on the book. Accidentally started chapter 4 before I started chapter 3. LOL I know you think I have lost it. But Hopefully I'll have them done soon. Then I'll only have 5 more chapters left to write. Yes I know what your think Only 9 chapters are you crazy! Maybe maybe not. I do know I need to get the hang of this before I go for the bigger chapters. If I don't do it this way this could end up in a disaster again. I'd rather avoid that for the sake of you readers and my This time so far the story is going a bit of a different direction. New elements added to certain places in the story. And my writing it's self is actually improving to a degree. It's still not up there where I want it I can say though it's on it's way. Hopefully the first draft will be completed soon. Then on to the editing. Lucky for me I found a great site that showed me what I needed to change so this could go easier this time. Or Not! We'll have to see when we get there.

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